Wednesday, May 15, 2013

If you are a working parent, you probably have had these moments in your life, when you are in the office and there are thousand little things to remember and to do simultaneously. In these exact moments I doubt you were aware of your another side of life - your children at home. But this side still exists and still requires your attention.
I'm sure you have had another moments, when at the end of the day you suddenly recall all the things you forgot to do during the day, like: making a call to a doctor,reminding your little chap to drink water or to take a key when he goes out.
SuperMommy will not solve all your problems, but it will definetly ease your life.

You will be able to configure a voice message on your child device. The app will wake up and talk any time you decide it should.

There are several flexible options for scheduling your reminder:
1. You can set a single message once a week on a specific weekday.
2. A single message on several selected days a week.
3. Or reccuring message for several hours a day on several selected weekdays.
Pay attention at the following details:
The app works in a resolution of minutes. That's why it might be a slight delay in the voice message.
There is a possibility to play message when your device is in a silent mode. Think twice before you enable this option in the Settings screen, it may cause trouble. Anyway, there will be a notification.
If you have any question you can ask here.

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